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Des Brennan – “We Were Friends” EP (Review)

Finally!!, a quality EP for me to review.  Des Brennan is a rising underground Hip Hop artist based out of Rockland, NY who just dropped a solid EP titled “We Were Friends” produced by Seneca B.  This 7 track EP was released on Sept 8th 2016, and since its release, hit has been getting a lot of traction and engagement with true underground Hip Hop heads.  This isn’t your typical up-beat all bright and positive EP, rather giving off an eery warmth and melodic feel with beats that will blow you away!  Yet making you appreciate his art, allowing his music to paint your own pictures in your head.  Producer Seneca B flexes big time on this EP, it was a hand and glove fit for both of these very talented indie/underground artists.  The sound on this EP is simply amazing, comfortable and real Hip Hop!

His stories are extremely powerful as Des Brennan spills his guts with topics & metaphors that all real heads can relate too.  Every song really feels like its true stories about “friends”, but rather speaking in 3rd person.  But regardless how he directs his stories, this EP really earns my respect 100%.  Songs to mention are “Shook“, “Friends” and my favorite track on this project “Survive“, this track right here really sent chills down my spine and blew me away!  I can only imagine how this would sound live, I wouldn’t mind seeing Des Brennan rock this EP live.  I can see him rocking in a small and intimate venue, like an art gallery or something in that realm

Clipped” is the one track I feel sums up this whole EP! Another awesome track right here!  Make sure to have a place to relax, kick back with your girl or friend with benefits, have a few blunts rolled and enjoy this quality listen!  This EP will definitely set a great vibe!  This EP can’t be compared to anything I have ever heard,  his genuine originality and sound is really refreshing for someone like me.  I’m a huge underground Hip Hop head, and now its going to be hard to forget about Des Brennan.

Overall, I have to say that this EP need to be circulated.  Its real Hip Hop, 100% Hip Hop, no glamor and bullsh*t with this project.  Its up on Soundcloud >> FULL STREAM and also on Bandcamp >> FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD 100% FREE.   Yes!!, spend zero for some of the freshest new Hip Hop in 2016.  Make sure to follow him on twitter and FB.