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New Music – Two Sides of the Same Coin – MCRE and Think 2wice – Cypher Circuit


Cypher Circuit is back at it again with to of the organizations highly respected artist, MCRE and Think 2wice strike back at the candidates for presidency. Produced by 17CVNDLES, the single, “Two Sides of the Same Coin” starts off with MCRE, a MC from Connecticut best known for his rapid paced, punchline packed lines and knowledge filled verses. Think 2wice then steps in, from Oregon with a fiery verse jam packed with knowledge and punchlines. The song has come at a very proper time, as we learn on the 9th of November, 2016 who shall run or destroy our country. But while we watch the world turn why not elevate our mind to some educational Hip-Hop. You can check out both these respected artist on Instagram, @danakdaniel (MCRE), @think2wicehiphop (Think 2wice) and @17cvndles (17CVNDLES), you can also follow them on Facebook, (https://www.facebook.com/MCREmusic/about/) and (https://www.facebook.com/Think2wicePDX/?fref=ts).


Funk Volume “Free Meal” vs. Horseshoe Gang “Same Day” Diss Tracks, Who Wins?

Funk Volume made headlines recently challenging any group to a battle for $ 500k. Horseshoe Gang stepped up to the plate and released a song in response to the challenge called “Half A Meal”. Soon to follow are the official diss songs from both crews. Above is Funk Volume’s “Free Meal” diss, and below is Horseshoe Gang’s “Same Day” diss.

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