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Tsunami Tone – Ocean 360 EP (Album Review)

Tsunami Tone, artist from New York city, delivers new EP to digest. The fearless approach and turn up intensity demands respect, this album was meant to get a party reciting bars and having a good time. The production on Ocean 360 keeps the listener grooving and attuned. The concept brought to attention how well put together the songs are, full circle approach in the trap world.

“Work Smart” is the Opening track of the EP, perfect intro as the concept says the only way to work is with efficiency. This is  ideal, many artists don’t understand that practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. Tsunami goes in to praise independence by saying he needs no cosign as he will do it himself, this shows the dedication to his artistry.

“Deal With It” is the type of track you hear blowing up in the dance scene, it’s easy to remember and the production takes it to new heights, simple but very dynamic. “Let Me know” is that Boss record, Tsunami made it known why he’s one of the newest rising artists out of NY, cocky bars and bold transitions “After one night turn yo broad into a professional”. “Back in Position” another one of those Don tracks demonstrating why a loss is always a gain when it’s a mind frame.

“Another Level” is another function banger aimed at the dance element. “Dead Level” shows a difference of perspectives and why some never make it to the next level. This record is meant to motivate the hustle and life that comes along with it. “All 2 God” showed a new side of Tsunami diving deep into his conscious thoughts and emotions, creating a classic cut, smooth and straight to the point. His bars and engaging energy set the stage for a theatrical experience for the listeners.

“Make it Work” a hustler’s ambition taken to new levels, vibrant and refreshing sounds illuminating the importance of desire. “88 coups” comes right in with a magical feel, bonus track by Boy Scoe featuring Tsunami. Great track for HIP-HOP heads it has that throwback new age feel.  “Activated” brings another trap style heater for the culture, this album will surely have you in the groove. “Good Loud” sparks the cannabis community with a laid back smooth approach. You can follow Tsunami Tone on twitter stay tuned for upcoming music.

Rating 8.0


Justin and the Honored None – “Wanderlust” Album Review

Sacramento’s HIP-HOP scene debuts a classic tape as producer Jackson Nakanishi and Emcees Justin & The Honored None releases “Wanderlust”, smooth refreshing HIP-HOP vibes you can play on repeat. The Emcess exhibit the “Super Hero Flow” retro melodies with day to day concepts. Wanderlust can spark the minds of HIP-HOP enthusiast as it reminds me of a new age “Gang Starr”. The laid back tempo introduces mellow tone vibrations. The intro starts with the listener anticipating a story and sure enough their combination delivers. “Groove Theory” creates a visual right off back.

The unique voice and comfortable approach mixed with the instruments are perfect for each other. The intelligent subject matter keeps you in tuned with the album.
“Tumble Weeds” brings abstract rhyme schemes to the surface, as the emcees capture their childhood and wrapped it inside of an animation. I can visualize a Sandlot type story in progress, very innovative. My favorite track was “The Love” it reminded me of why HIP-HOP is so beautiful; it’s the care free loving vibe with political insight. Then I realized I spoke too soon when I heard “Dragon Fly”, the intense atmosphere Jackson created set up the classic cut for the Emcees to amplify the production, great mixture. Sac Town has birthed their new era.

“Wanderlust” is a great album for HIP-HOP lovers all over the world, it creates a nostalgic vibe to set listeners up for magic. The delivery is right on point, I love the smooth approach 9.0. The concept is heavy and melodic 9.0. Salute to the New school of thought. Stream “Wanderlust” here and Follow producer Jackson Nakanishi


Wifi -“Legend Of The Soul Gems” (Album Review)

Rising New York Hip-Hop Lyricist Wifi releases his new album “Legend Of The Soul Gems”. Wifi paints a metaphysical world for his listeners to dive into using wordplay and lyricism. Real HIP-HOP music can convey any picture and this project excelled in creativity. Throughout the album you will find wisdom and food for thought, a smooth musical approach with insightful stories, this is the root of where HIP-HOP began.

The tape is introduced by “Willful Ignorance” where Wifi explains the difference between a real Emcee & how music has changed. This project has a high energy intro with a magical transition to “Erace War” a powerfully insightful song that shows Wifi’s visionary mind and prophetic concepts, it’s personally my favorite track . “I rap
to bring HIPHOP back the element of knowledge’”says Wifi in his song “Ontology” (5th Element) as he proves that right in the lining of this entire composition.

New York native still brings that grit to every track, along with Golden era flows and mystic stories. You know “The Get Down” revolutionary lyrics highlighting the destruction of the soul and remedy for the pain. Wifi’s lucid raps run around in your mind like a calm tornado spiraling around your psyche. “Rumination” is a real raw  high energy banger speaking in universal codes. “Boss Media” aims at people who don’t want to learn what it takes to progress their craft to the next level, the teacher knows he is always a student.

“Legend of the Soul Gems” is the perfect album for HIPHOP heads full of action & mystery. Wifi captured his mind and transcended musically, HIPHOP salute from the Underground! Smooth tracks geared towards love include “The One That Got Away” where he mentions a spark with a twin flame soul but the world was the destructive influence. Another highlight track was “Divine Intervention” where Wifi created a story of an AA meeting with not only him but others dealing with inner demons that leave them to the comfort of a woman with wrong intentions, to end up back in the same spot…insanity

Ezekiel 3:18 hits your soul instantly, will power and confidence is expressed in his rhymes, Wifi is able to uplift his audience in the process of teaching as shown in the song “Black Dot”. Jazzy energy as Black dot creates a visual of the chakra system, Wifi is a advocate of spirituality  this song  spills wisdom . “Soul Gems” is themed for the tape as it shows why ,in its melodic translucent sound, “Soul Gems” captures the omni presence melody and sums up the mixtape in a whole. Follow Wifi on FaceBook


Rating: 8.0


Baylen x Sub{Q}Taneous – “MovEs” EP (Album Review)

Boston based artist Baylen & producer Sub{Q}Taneous bring you 6 songs off their new album EP “Moves. Baylen delivers a versatile flow throughout the album painting the Space trap genre on a blank canvas. The single “Slam” and the introduction to the tape sets the tone for a journey into the astrals. Sub{Q}taneous’ sounds transcending with Baylen’s energy creates electric magic. This project is great for fans who love turn up HIP-HOP with inspiring flows. This is an album I can see going a long way in the end because of it’s universal appeal. The production on the project is flawless, as if it was calculated for each vocal.

My personal favorite track was”Move Maker” it was high energy and smooth, taking the fans into the “Space Trap” realm. I can see this duo in the same line up as Under Achievers, School Boy Q or even Kendrick Lamar. This is a much needed album in the Boston music scene. Each song brings a new energy to the EP, notable songs like “Scatter Brain” brings the listener into the shoes of the artist creating common ground. Then other songs like “James Brown” shows off the Emcees lyrical ability to switch at any moment. I can hear similarities to Isaiah Rashad and Big Sean this is great for the HIP-HOP community & music period.

The theme of the mixtape creates a silver line that the artists were able to fuse and turn into diamonds. Electric party music and high energy HIP-HOP is a formula to be reckoned with as “Moves” can easily be the background music in universal crowds. I have brought this into my top  EPs list so far, can’t wait to see what’s in store from this Dj & Emcee Duo. Visit their Label site for more info vivalahop.com or Follow on twitter accounts @Baylenhiphop & @_SUB_Q


DTCA – “Love Lost” (Album review)

On March 12th, 2017, DTCA released his LP “Lost Love.”  I got an early copy and man I pressed the follow button on this mans account so quick. To give you my first impressions I was shocked, the track that sucked me in was “Take The Pain Away”, I dug the name but once I heard the beat I was dumbfounded, I was bobbing my head to the slow jam, Another song I really liked was track 8, “Your Everything (Interlude)”. I love this LP, it has so far become my favorite underground project of 2017. Follow DTCA on Instagram, @dtca_beats.


L.I. Mars – “All or Nothin” (Mixtape Review)

L.I. Mars - All Or Nothin (Mixtape)

Rising Florida based MC L.I. Mars releases one of the most powerful and impactful mixtape’s for early 2017!  “All or Nothing” only delivers 100% solid top-tier Hip Hop, really can’t be compared to any sound out now!  L.I. Mars’s originality and story-telling abilities is at an all time-high, along with his taste of beats, it’s the perfect mixture to become the next real threat in the Hip Hop game.  This mixtape has a total of 15 tracks, influenced by real-life situations and stories only L.I. Mars can describe.  The Florida Hip Hop scene is in full focus on his movement and music, he speaks nothing but truth, which in return, only just shows he is a true rising star!

A few tracks I want to point out are “Snappin Season“, “No Love” & my favorite track “Hard To Let Go“.  Real Hip Hop will always win in my book.  I’m so thankful to be able to get exposed to such raw talent like this!  As a blogger, I listen to a lot of Hip Hop, but there is a clear difference with L.I. Mars!  Make sure to support and peep this mixtape!  Also, make sure to scope out his latest video titled “The Grind” off this mixtape!


Nels – “Lost In The Days” EP (Album Review)

Rising New York based underground Hip Hop artist Nels released his latest project titled “Lost In The Days” EP back in 2014!  But lets not consider this old, we barely came across this project and man!,  Let me tell you, this is a super solid Hip Hop EP from front to back!  His style, cadence, delivery and vocal sound is truly one of a kind.  He has a smooth steady style, really vibrant with much substance and storytelling ability.  This EP only has 6 tracks, but all of them are really memorable to say the least.  If I would have to describe this EP, it’s a mix of raw conscious Hip Hop with a fresh flavor of boom bap & modern 2017 Hip Hop!

Underground Hip Hop is representing 100% on this EP, with tracks like “Do You“, “The Letter” & my favorite track “Mic Check, Don’t Stop“, real songs that can be spun at any party, kick back, and car from coast to coast!  Lets pay our respects to the producer Rob Relish, producing all the songs and engineering this EP!  Really impressive professional sound that can compete with other top quality produced underground Hip Hop records.  We absolute love exposing new fresh talent to our audience.


Make sure to peep the track titled “D.R.E.A.M.” which has a crazy Wu-Tang twist to it!  To end this review, we can’t ignore the fact that Nels is clearly one true up and comer in the New York area!  This EP I believe is just the beginning to a much needed and explosive career that Hip Hop desperately needs!  make sure to support and listen to this project, you wont regret it!


The Don – “Lord Forgive Me” Demo Tape (Review)

The Don (Ishan Basu) is a young inspiring MC who just dropped his latest project titled “Lord Forgive Me” Demo Tape.  It’s a 7 track project of some of the weirdest Hip Hop I have ever heard.  His unique style, delivery and overall Hip Hop quality might not be the best, but you can hear his unorthodox style.  Not anything I would listen to, but lets give this dude a A for effort.  The production value is a little under-produced and under-mixed, but he definitely has the talent to get better and better.

Underground Hip Hop comes from kids just like this, kids who are not scared to take risks and chances, only to pay their dues in this over-saturated Hip Hop game.  Give it a listen and judge it for yourself!


Lavelle Spitz – “SpitzCraft” LP (Album Review)

Lavelle Spitz – “SpitzCraft” LP (Album Review)

Lavelle Spitz has to be one of the realist MC’s for 2017. With his recent album release titled “SpitzCraft”, this 11 track LP caters to all of us that are truly aware of our surroundings. He speaks about the realities of life, political and systematic control in a true and original Hip Hop form. The fact-based knowledge he has about the topics he speaks about is beyond my belief. Lets put Common, Immortal Technique & Nas all into one, and you will get Lavelle Spitz.  Lets make sure that the most important thing about his music is that is he truly 100% original with his sound!

My favorite tracks are “Streets Of Rage” and possibly one of my top single picks for 2017 “Civil War” Ft. Ciej & Nato Caliph.  Every single track on this album are true classics in my book!  It’s crazy how this BLOG can expose real up and coming talent in Hip Hop and it rightfully should!  Finding out about Lavelle Spitz is really refreshing to say the least.  Make sure to support this new album today!


Planet – “Ignited” (Album Review)

Planet releases a positive and fresh album titled “Ignited“, consisting of 11 tracks of some very original and unique Hip Hop, giving us a great appreciation for new hard working MC’s.  His conscious lyrics with an underground/trap beats really brings out the indie Hip Hop MC in him!  The production and sound might not be the best, but you can clearly here that he his headed to the right direction.  His rhyme and delivery is consistent track after track, his strength is his story-telling ability. This whole album gives off a smooth and appreciating vibe for music.  Hip Hop from the heart and soul!

The tracks I feel stands out the most is “Melodies” & “Depend On Me” Ft. Pac Man Merce.  Overall, this album could sound a little better, but let’s make it clear that not everyone has a million dollar budget, and we are an underground BLOG.  This album delivers, regardless how picky you are when it comes to new Hip Hop!  Make sure to give it a shot ans listen to this album today!