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M.A.I.N. – “Save NYC” Mixtape (Review)

Completely slept on right here!  We are honored to come across this vicious Hip Hop mixtape by rising indie artist M.A.I.N. titled “Save NYC“.  Our site server was down for well over 10 days recently not allowing us to post anything, so being able to publish this review was a breath of fresh air “HONESTLY”.  It’s a super solid project incorporating 24 tracks, plenty of Hip Hop for all fans to enjoy on a long day!  The beats and rhymes are concrete solid with hard-hitting catchy lines with perfect song structure. M.A.I.N.’s effortless flow goes to show how truly talented he is when it comes to making straight BANGERZ!

Bail” is a powerful track with a dope story behind it, really worth listening too.  Also the song following that one is “See Us Shinning“, allowing you to take a glimpse of whats to come when listening to whole mixtape.  Now this is just my opinion, but the dopest track on this mixtape has to be “Mama Use To Tell Me“.  By far this track was the one that really blew me away, making me an instant fan of M.A.I.N.’s music.  Much respect for using that Jedi Mind Trick beat on “Let That Bitch Breathe“,  dope track right here too!

Overall this mixtape has to added to anyones’ collection today.  Support real Hip Hop, cause we do, so how about you?!  All real original joints is exactly what M.A.I.N. is about!