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Q&A With Rising Underground Artist M.A.I.N.

Q&A With Rising Underground Artist M.A.I.N.

What up M.A.I.N., we really enjoyed your new mixtape, and by far your single “Mama Use To Tell Me” has already been added to my personal playlist for 2016! How long have you been rapping? How did you get started? How did you get your stage name?

Whats good UGHH, thanks for the luv, and that track right there means a lot to me…its hands down my favorite track on the project. As for how long ive been on this music sharing journey…well I’ve been writing poetry as long as I can remember, but if you want when I started writing raps officially then…freshman year in high school is the answer. I have been writing, recording, and producing since. I bought my first mic from radio shack, engineered on cooledit pro, and produced on fruityloops (the 1st edition lol). It started as a hobby then I found it as an escape and have been translating my feelings into it since…similar to therapy…it balances me. My stage name came from a situation I found myself in constantly…M.A.I.N. = MONEY’S ALL I NEED…at the time it feel very symbolic, although I am no longer in that same predicament, I hold on to the meaning and recall all the events that have led me to where I am now.

Please breakdown the creative process of your latest mixtape “Save NYC”. Also tell us a bit about the dope mixtape cover?

So I’ve had this reoccurring vision of spreading the music and for a time I just sat on the material. Much like we all do and finally that reoccurring dream got to me and so I made a plan and a point of attack. I gave myself a 2 year period entitled the last run, where I would do everything I didn’t do plus more for the music I have been creating…shoot videos,photo shoots,cover art, press exposure…etc. In doing so I started booking and promoting my own show events, and I incorporated other local artists into the show…this gave way to the SAVENYC concept which was geared to help local artists get experience performing at venues within the 5 Boros.

While doing the shows, I worked on the tape…and added a couple of the artists I had performing into the tape. Interacting with all of the talented features I have on this project the one thing that we kept striving for was to SAVENYC from the lack of representation it was on the radio waves and so I figured the “SAVENYC” title would be suiting.

That was just getting the title…lol creating the content I went throw about 50 tracks and picked out my favorite ones and mixed em down as well as I could and then tried to place them in an order which would keep the listeners emotions on a coaster type of ride. Everything on the tape was hand made…except for the beats I had my hand in everything…the one thing I wanted to make clear was that you don’t need money to make good music and so with a budget of $ 0. I put together what I would call my best work to date.

As for the cover art, I created that myself…I wanted to depict a troubled city on the verge of collapse and lil old me as the last one left with enough sense to SAVE the culture we have enjoyed for the last 30+ years.

Who are your Hip Hop influences?

Growing up I was a huge 2pac fan…I mean bandana and all,I think I even shaved my head bald one time…lol almost got that thuglife tattoo too.
I also am into Kanye West and Nas…ofcourse a huge B.I.G. fan…Wutang and Bonethugs…Jay Z, Dipset…the list of my influences is a pretty hefty one to say the least…but overall what influences me the most was the passion these artists delivered their music with…thats the one thing I will always try to emulate in my own.

How many music videos do you have? Are there any tracks on your mixtape that you would want to shoot a video for?

As of this moment I have 3 music video out that were produced, directed,and edited by yours truly…lol…I have a couple of tracks on the SAVENYC tape that I would love visuals for the top being a track entitled “Save the world” and my second would be “Moving em Os”.

How often do you perform LIVE. Any shows lined up in the near future?

Usually when I drop a project we would set shows up biweekly or monthly. As of right now my next show will be in the late fall still TBA.

Where do you see yourself in 5yrs time?

5 years from now I will be possibly working towards another degree, mowing the lawn of my new house, and looking back at these moments feeling very accomplished that instead of dreaming about it I did something about it.

Here it is! Our most popular question! What is your definition of “underground hip hop”?

Hmmm…tough one…I would say underground hip-hop is a sound that no one out has heard yet…sort of an untapped sound that has been mimicked by the entire music industry.

Where can people find you on the web? Drop all the vital links.

Besides the d2drecordz.com website I’m active on Facebook under MaiN187…the IG is @_m.a.i.n_ the tweeter is @main187 and the YouTube is main187 also…soundcloud.com/maim187 and main187.bandcamp.com is where I drop all of my audio releases…soon to be on iTunes.

Lastly, any shout out?

Wanna shout out the whole d2drecordz label, and all the SAVENYC artist and supporters following the movement, if it wasn’t for the people who keep me grounded I would not have the drive to do what most are to scared to do…which is live out your dreams thank you Mrs.Official & the homie Current…if there’s anybody out there looking to help bring NYC back feel free to send a message thru we are always looking for new sound and hungry artists. Big shout out to UGHHBLOG for this opportunity, definitely looking forward to you guys doing another review on my next project.


M.A.I.N. – “Save NYC” Mixtape (Review)

Completely slept on right here!  We are honored to come across this vicious Hip Hop mixtape by rising indie artist M.A.I.N. titled “Save NYC“.  Our site server was down for well over 10 days recently not allowing us to post anything, so being able to publish this review was a breath of fresh air “HONESTLY”.  It’s a super solid project incorporating 24 tracks, plenty of Hip Hop for all fans to enjoy on a long day!  The beats and rhymes are concrete solid with hard-hitting catchy lines with perfect song structure. M.A.I.N.’s effortless flow goes to show how truly talented he is when it comes to making straight BANGERZ!

Bail” is a powerful track with a dope story behind it, really worth listening too.  Also the song following that one is “See Us Shinning“, allowing you to take a glimpse of whats to come when listening to whole mixtape.  Now this is just my opinion, but the dopest track on this mixtape has to be “Mama Use To Tell Me“.  By far this track was the one that really blew me away, making me an instant fan of M.A.I.N.’s music.  Much respect for using that Jedi Mind Trick beat on “Let That Bitch Breathe“,  dope track right here too!

Overall this mixtape has to added to anyones’ collection today.  Support real Hip Hop, cause we do, so how about you?!  All real original joints is exactly what M.A.I.N. is about!