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The Don – “Lord Forgive Me” Demo Tape (Review)

The Don (Ishan Basu) is a young inspiring MC who just dropped his latest project titled “Lord Forgive Me” Demo Tape.  It’s a 7 track project of some of the weirdest Hip Hop I have ever heard.  His unique style, delivery and overall Hip Hop quality might not be the best, but you can hear his unorthodox style.  Not anything I would listen to, but lets give this dude a A for effort.  The production value is a little under-produced and under-mixed, but he definitely has the talent to get better and better.

Underground Hip Hop comes from kids just like this, kids who are not scared to take risks and chances, only to pay their dues in this over-saturated Hip Hop game.  Give it a listen and judge it for yourself!