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John Keenan – “The Illusion Of Logic” Album (Review)

John Keenan drops his latest album titled “The Illusion Of Logic“.  Being his 3rd self-produced album, we have to admit that its definitely a crowd pleaser. This 20 track project delivers the best that John Keenan has to offer when it comes to solid Hip Hop, along with allowing fans to dive right into this project.  His music is truly original and really effortless to say the least, being in character mode at all time understanding how important branding is when it comes to getting to real fans.

There is a huge difference when it comes to making music that sounds like someone else’s and making music just being yourself.  For example, tracks like “Lead The Exodus” & “All The Same” showcases his extreme original and creativity.  Most importantly this project is exactly what “Underground Hip Hop” is, he dedicates his music to the true culture on the underground scene and brings out more consciousness and knowledge from himself and for all of us.  Lets also salute John Keenan for producing some very fresh beats on this album!

The one track that I have to mention is “Brain Lemonade” featuring a dope collabs from a unknown female MC who really spits fire!! The song itself is a true underground hip hop classic!  Overall we have approved this album for all real underground fans from coast to coast.  Support John Keenan today!