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Reno871 – “El Camino Del Ermitaño” Prod By Pakbel | CUTV Live Sessions Vol. 6 (Video)

CUTV es el canal oficial de Cabezas Underground, plataforma de hip hop ubicada en la ciudad de Torreón, en el norte de México, que además de dedicarse a la difusión también produce su propio material audiovisual.

“CUTV Live Sessions” es el segmento más popular de Cabezas Underground TV, en el que algunos de los mejores artistas del rap mexicano interpretan canciones inéditas en sesiones en vivo en diferentes locaciones.

En esta ocasión compartimos la sesión de Reno871 interpretando “El Camino Del Ermitaño”, Reno871 es miembro del grupo 871 Crew uno de los más importantes del hip hop underground mexicano, esta canción es un homenaje a las experiencias trascendentales por medio del uso de plantas medicinales como el ayahuasca.


Fabeyon – “24 Hours to Live” (video)

Massachusetts finest, Fabeyon is back with a brand new music video for is song “24 Hours to Live” from his new LP, A.G.E (All Golden Era). The track pays homage to the 1997 song of the same name, “24 Hours to Live” by Mase (ft DMX, The Lox and Black Rob) with Fabeyon spitting his final 24 hours on this two-minute and thirty-five second track. It’s a really dope homage to an underrated track, in this day and age we need more artist like Fabeyon who pay respect to the MC’s and rappers who laid down the tracks that this artist ride on to make careers from nothing but hustling. If you wanna hear more from Fabeyon you can follow him on Instagram, Twitter and SoundCloud, just search Fabeyon, also listen to his new project, A.G.E. (All Golden Era) available at audiomack, link here (http://www.audiomack.com/album/fabeyon/age-all-golden-era)


Footage Of Q-Tip & Prince Performing “Vivrant Thing” Live Surfaces

On the day of the unfortunate passing of Prince social media was going nuts remembering the great artist. DJ Scratch and long time DJ for Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest shared unseen footage on his Instagram account of performing “Vivrant Thing” at the House of Blues, Las Vegas when Prince pops up out of nowhere backing up Q-Tip with some legendary freestyle guitar riffs to the song. This footage pays tribute to the late Prince showing his passion and respect for Hip Hop.


Big Studio Live Multi-track Drum Loops Vol 3 Countrys Edge

Big Studio Live Multi-track Drum Loops Vol 3 Countrys Edge

Hit music on the radio must have hit sounding drums! To help you out, we’ve put together a gigantic collection of live multi-track drum loops, all recorded using class A gear, and all inspired by today’s chart topping country and rock tracks. Filled with 99 loop ideas, and over 880 individual loops total, this mega drum loop sets features 6 tempos ranging from 76 to 106 BPMs, with each tempo featuring intros, verse, hook, break, bridge fills and ending ideas, all easily interchangeable for complete song mapping. Use these loops to make your country and rock production come alive with a definitive big studio sound. Download these loops today!

This product features:

  • 99 unique loop ideas total, featuring intros, verses, big hooks, bridges, stops, fills and endings.
  • Over 880 individual loops total.
  • Stereo audition mixes provided for all 99 loop ideas.

    6 tempos of multi-track drums. Drum parts are divided into separate kick, snare, hi hat, ride, tom 1, tom 2, stereo overheads and stereo reverb tracks.
  • Tempos include: 76, 77, 81.1, 93, 101 and 106 BPMs.

    Each loop idea is contained in its own separate folder, with a descriptive title of each loop for easy navigation. (An example screen shot of the folder hierarchy is provided below.)
  • Recorded using Class A SSL recording technology.

    This product only contains Drums.
  • Formatted in 24 Bit 44.1 kHz Acid Loops WAV, Apple Loops and REX Loops formats.
  • This huge product is almost 3 GB in total size. Please allow extra time for download. (Files size for each format are: ACID LOOP WAV – 1.1 GB, APPLE LOOP – 1.1 GB ,REX2 – 727 MB)
  • List of drums used are…

Drums: 1967 Ludwig Classic and 1986 Tama Artstar II

Snares: 1920’s Ludwig Pioneer’s, WFL Classic (wood), 1960’s WFL

Classic (wood), 1963 Ludwig Chrome Supraphonic, 2006 Ludwig Chrome Over Brass

HiHats: 1960’s Zildjian A 14” and 15”

Ride: 1970’s Zldjian A, 20” light ride

Crashes: Recent Zildjian A Custom 16” and 19”

Recorded by Darren Elpant at Eggplant Studios in Los Angeles, CA.

Example of folder hierarchy…

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Big Studio Rock Live Multitrack Drum Loops Producers Pack

Big Studio Rock Live Multitrack Drum Loops Producers Pack

Bring the Big Studio to your tracks with these seriously ROCKIN Drums. Big Studio Live Multitrack Drum Loops Producers Pack contains the entire contents of Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. Tempos range from 75 – 200. All drum loops were produced by Darren L. Elpant at Eggplant Studios in Los Angeles.

  • 147 Multitrack Drum Loop Sets with nearly 1300 individual loops total!
  • tempos include: 75 bpm, 84 bpm, 92 bpm, 94 bpm, 95 bpm, 115 bpm, 118 bpm, 146 bpm, 200 bpm.
  • All of the drum parts are seperated. Drum parts include Kick, Snare Tom 1, and 2, Stereo Overhead, Stereo Room, and Stereo Reverb.
  • This series features modern and vintage drums and class A mic preamps including Neve, and SSL! This is a truly professional sound.
  • In the styles of bands including Linkin Park, Kings of Leon, Incubus, Greenday, Queens of the Stoneage, Foo Fighters and much more..
  • Mix and produce with a new freedom!
  • Loop sets are formatted in Intro, Verse, Bridge,Chrous and ending and include numerous fills.
  • The organization and quality of these loops takes away the tedious part of using drum loops and makes it fun to produce!
  • All tempos are provided in these Royalty FREE loops.
  • This product contains slammin’ DRUM SOUNDS ONLY. No other instruments are provided!

Here is a list of some of the drums used to record this series:


1967 Ludwig Classic 1986 Tama Artstar II


1920’s Ludwig Pioneer’s

WFL Classic (wood)

1960’s WFL Classic (wood)

1963 Ludwig Chrome Supraphonic

2006 Ludwig Chrome Over Brass


HiHats 1960’s Zildjian A 14” and 15”

Ride 1970’s Zldjian A 20” light ride

Crashes Recent Zildjian A Custom 16, 19 Dark Crashes 2x 17”

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