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Fabeyon – “24 Hours to Live” (video)

Massachusetts finest, Fabeyon is back with a brand new music video for is song “24 Hours to Live” from his new LP, A.G.E (All Golden Era). The track pays homage to the 1997 song of the same name, “24 Hours to Live” by Mase (ft DMX, The Lox and Black Rob) with Fabeyon spitting his final 24 hours on this two-minute and thirty-five second track. It’s a really dope homage to an underrated track, in this day and age we need more artist like Fabeyon who pay respect to the MC’s and rappers who laid down the tracks that this artist ride on to make careers from nothing but hustling. If you wanna hear more from Fabeyon you can follow him on Instagram, Twitter and SoundCloud, just search Fabeyon, also listen to his new project, A.G.E. (All Golden Era) available at audiomack, link here (http://www.audiomack.com/album/fabeyon/age-all-golden-era)