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Q&A With Rising Chicago Based MC Planet

Q&A With Rising Chicago Based MC Planet

What’s up Planet! Much respect on your latest album “Ignited”. Where are you from? How long have you been making music? How did you get your MC name?

What’s good man?! I’m from Chicago, Illinois. I’ve been making music for about 11 years now, ever since I was in fourth grade. Both my parents and grandparents wanted me to do something with music at an early age. It wasn’t until after my grandmother died til I started actually considering it.

My MC name came from my brother actually. It was a joke at first. When I was a kid I always used to look up at the sky at night for hours. On a real I never even thought about it when I was doing it, but he always brought it up. When I was coming up with a name, he said it should be something like Rocket or Planet or something and he was just joking at the time, but I started thinking that Planet is a name that could truly embody something bigger than myself ya know? It was a name that I also knew could get attention, make people curious. That curiosity that people have for me is all I need to try to win them over.

What are your pros & cons on being an underground Hip Hop artist?

As far as right now I see no cons to being an underground artist. I mean of course I want to be a mainstream artist, but I have no problem being where I’m at right now. I think that being an underground artist forces you to really work at and hone your craft before you can see the light of the big leagues. I’m all here for the grind to the top and really proving to people what I can do, cuz when I do make it big, I want to have the skill to make hit after hit. I truly do want to be seen as one of the greats.

Please breakdown the creative process of your album “Ignited”.  Also tell us a bit about the cover artwork?

Ignited was an album I made to really show my growth as an artist ya feel? I believe that in order to be a successful artist and to truly express yourself through your artwork, you need to be able to have the versatility to personify what you want to portray. In this album I was attempting to do just that. I created all the beats myself as well as wrote most of the lyrics. I also was aiming to show my versatility in terms of the different styles of music I could make and blend. Music is a way to capture emotion, and I feel that lots of knowledge and ability is necessary to create something that can portray a large range of emotions. As for the name, I chose Ignited because I wanted to show that a spark of a new era and a new way of thinking lit inside of me. I wanted to show that right now I’m hungry, and that you can expect a large amount of growth from here on out.

The artwork was inspired by the idea of being Ignited. On the cover I have smoke all around me like I’m about to catch fire!! The cover exactly portrays how I was feeling. I’m chasing relentlessly.

Rappers nowadays think by throwing up a few videos up on social media and pushing quick projects, they can blow up overnight! Give us your view on how over saturated the market is right now with so many MC’s/Producers but not to many quality music.

I’m very indifferent about the amount of music in the market at the moment. You know, if people wanna create, let em create by all means. You know, if the work and effort isn’t put into a project, of course it will show, but quality will eventually prevail. I’m just focused on making the best work I can make and constantly getting better.

Who are your biggest Hip Hop influences?

My biggest Hip Hop influences are Kanye West, Drake, Fetty Wap, and Future. I say them because I feel like they were major influences on how Hip Hop was made. Changing the way an art form is created is a huge feat and they were able to achieve it by bringing their own style to the table. Regardless of how many people don’t like them or think their music isn’t original hip hop, they still brought new ideas and creativity to the table.

How often do you perform LIVE. Shows lined up in the near future?

Shows are lined up in the near future, but I have yet to sign off on them. Currently my team is focused on finding a new concept, something new we can bring to the table, ya know? My goal is to not sound like anyone else out there, but bring my own creative ideas to the table just like many of the greats were considered to have done. I don’t perform LIVE often, but when I do it’s truly an experience I try to provide to the audience. I’m a performer at the end of the day, and during the Summer of 2017, I plan to have many shows lined up.

Any music video in the works Planet?

Music videos are actually currently in the works for a couple of songs off the album. My team also plans on releasing singles early in 2017 all with music videos. So be on the lookout for that! I can’t say much more at the moment though.

Where do you see yourself in 5yrs time?

In five years time, I see myself influencing Hip Hop on a large-scale with my music in some form or another. The name Planet is also synonymous with me wanting to be the best artist on the Planet. I put a lot of work into this and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

Here it is! Our most popular question! What is your definition of “underground hip hop”?

My definition of Underground Hip Hop is what I think of as the backbone of Hip Hop. That’s where all the true creativity and passion comes from. I believe the mainstream is simply a polished form of that, but the underground is where true art and talent is grown and perfected. That’s all I hope to do with my art and I believe that any underground artist that has the drive is doing the same.

Where can people find you on the web? Drop all the vital links.

People can check out my website, http://www.artistryofplanet.com/
You can also find me here,

Lastly, and shout out?

Oh man, if I spent time shouting out everyone, I would be here all day! Imma just say long live the Dark Intruder and may the 13’s live forever, Blessings. And of course shoutout to the Holistic Hip Hop Collective. I’ve learned a lot with them.


Win Tickets To Gud Vibrations With Slander And Nghtmre In Chicago

Win Tickets To Gud Vibrations With Slander And Nghtmre In Chicago
Chad Hirsch

This weekend both Slander and Nghtmre are taking over Concord Music Hall in Chicago for a two night extravaganza as part of their Gud Vibrations tour. Coming along for the ride is Habstrakt who’s definitely a fan favorite in Chicago and LDRU will be warming things up for the night. As almost all the artists on this lineup have been dropping music left and right, it’s no wonder that the Saturday night show already sold out. Well there’s still a limited amount of tickets available which you can find here. But you can also enter below for your chance to win a pair of tickets to the Sunday show thanks to the good people over at React Presents.

Gud Vibrations Chicago




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Our Q&A With Rising Chicago Artist ReB’L FiTi

Our Q&A With Rising Chicago Artist ReB’L FiTi

What up FiTi, we really enjoyed your new mixtape, to be honest, when we heard it felt like a quality EP…LOL. How long have you been writing music. Also, what made you to become a creative intellectual conscious MC? Your lyrics are super dope!

I wouldn’t say I’m worthy to be called an MC just yet, hopefully one day I will get that title and be deserving of it. Right now I’d say I’m just aggressively doing “spoken word” and creating soundtracks to it haha. My cousin was getting in some trouble in the city and came to live with my family, this was around my middle school days. He would put me on to music, and would make me play rhyming games with him. Then I started writing poems to get girls attention and once that failed miserably I started spitting rhymes for my homies for practice. My friend Karl gave me an Eminem record to borrow, he said listen to a song called “solider” and once I heard it I kept digging for more that was in the 6th grade, I think.

What specific city do you rep, also how many of the locals are exposed to your music?

I’m from a city within the Chicago-land area, called Joliet, Illinois. I would say that a good amount of people have heard of what I’m doing or some of my music. I want to be the man of my city though, like on that “getting the key to the city” stuff. I want to be able to show them I made it and one day I they say I did something great and I am from there. Maybe I can invest some of that success into the city itself. Sometimes it gets a bad rep but I feel like it can be something even greater.

Who are your Hip Hop influences in the game?

I have a tattoo of the pill from the slim shady LP on my arm that should explain EVERYTHING, haha. I listen to music as an escape and connected to some of these artists cause they were picked on like me or dealt with the same issues like loss or depression. Cudi was a big “woah” moment for me when I heard his mixtape. I know it may seem random but Missy and Timbo was killing it with the tempo too, so them. Hip hop is still such a young genre of music that has went through so many new sounds, it a super influential genre of art overall, so the list could go on forever. I think Rick Rubin is a great influence in the culture too.

Other then Hip Hop, have you ever dabbled into other genres of music?

I made a few projects in the past where I went over rock, trap and even dubstep type instrumentals. I’ve never been hesitant to any actual noise or sound. I’ve always wanted my fans to say “I don’t know how to really describe his sound” when they present my music to someone else. K.A.A.M. was made for the simple fact that a lot of producers weren’t messing with me and possibly didn’t want me on their beats, so I got my homie Dewey and was like “Ay I know you can do this, with your help I can finally tailor a project solely around my concept and sound.”

Please breakdown the creative process of your latest mixtape “Super Senior”. Also tell us a bit about the dope mixtape cover?

I drew the title “Super Senior”, just sketched it up along with the creatures. The actual photos of me were taken by Sheila Castillo(@faithenhumanity), I love how they came out and sent all of it to my homie Jaime Padilla, who has done a lot of work with us in the past for our event flyers etc. I wanted it to look like a poster someone would put up on his or her wall. To be honest I always want my project to feel as though you’re involved in the concept with me. I opened up for Danny Brown, and we weren’t given a proper sound check so we ran into an issue on stage and some girl screamed out “go back to school”, so I did. At the same time Dewey showed me an interview with Sango where he said he felt like a super senior. I feel like things just come to you easier if you see the signs around you and incorporate it with what you’re dealing at the time. I brainstormed the title design one day around how I use to doodle in school. The concept ties in with me trying to debut my story over to a new audience and old but only this time it’s with a different POV, more aggressive and in your face.

Any music videos dropping supporting your new project release?

Actually, yes there is, I’m in the middle of planning this event where I’ll be showing the artwork made by artists that we reached out to. We asked them to make whatever the song made them feel. We’ll be presenting it at a cinema where in the next room we’ll show the visual for the track “K.A.A.M.”, I’m trying to find the best ways to present things to the audience, connect with them better. The video was shot by LeftRight(@shotbyleftright), he flew over from California for a week last year and we literally just shot visuals ALL day everyday. It was like I was on an adventure for that whole week because it was also while I was still trying to how to complete Super Senior; it was just creating all the time. In the mist of it all we were trying to figure out the visual for K.A.A.M. in order to perfect it. So much came from such a short period of time. That’s why with presenting this visual I want it to be on a grander scale with the audience and try to explore new ways to present art in its rawest form. It such an intense short visual and to think there’s so much other project in the works.

How often do you perform live and tour?

Honestly, I’ve only done a handful of performances, although I am working on ways to create my own events instead. I was always shy about my music and I think that made it harder for me to make the right relationships. I was worried if people wouldn’t “accept” my noise. I’m at point in my art where I am even more confident to show my passion to the rest of the world.

Where do see yourself in 5yrs time?

I just want to be cemented in the discussion. I want to be able to reach a level of relevancy where I can create music with some of my favorite artists and make a great soundtrack for an even greater movie or game. Who knows, possibly for one of my own? I love that in the process of chasing my dream, the cards may fall in your favor and you can meet some extremely talented people, and they might think the same about you. In 5 years, I want other creatives to be searching for me to get my advice on things. Dig in a cave and create with other talents, that would be so dope.

Here it is! Our most popular question! What is your definition of “underground hip hop”?

To me it’s that nasty funk you hear in a solid drum kit or bass line like the intro to “cool like that”, they mixed those sounds in so well on that record. I always hear a project and try to find the samples and see how they flipped them.

Where can people find you on the web? Drop all the vital links.

www.fitifam.com everything should always be available be there.

Everything else is just simply searching @reblfiti





I wonder when did they stop giving out their Myspace name. Random question.

Lastly, and shout out?

MOM, and then MOM again, like on some Kevin Durant shit.
Dewey for trusting in me with “KAAM”, the stories behind these songs man.
I want to thank Dave Allen for that smooth ass introduction to Yungin’ and allowing me to use his track Awareness in the skit. tiZ, for throwing one of the cleanest verses I’ve heard to help tie up Luckee BADD. Thank you LeftRight for making me look way cooler than I actually am, and NCXX and Donnie Mack aka Hi-tek for helping create the Senior Ditch Day skit. Thank you Drew Mantia for taking a chance with us on engineering this project, you were patience and always kept an open mind. Carlos Mojica you helped me find my way, you opened Pandora’s box. Thank you Jaime Padilla for helping solidify our presentation. Thank you Alva Falcone. Thank you to all my brothers, my real day one homies. Thank you to everyone who supported, from the Vol. 1 days to the new fans, forever grateful for you giving my legs to chase my dreams.


Spring Awakening Brought The Heat To Chicago

Spring Awakening Brought The Heat To Chicago
Chad Hirsch

Chicago was in for quite the treat last weekend with the latest installment of one of its hottest festivals, Spring Awakening. This year the festival took place at a new location in Chicago with some amazing nuances that set it apart from previous ones at Soldier Field. With a basketball court turned into an outdoor cooling station, a public bus rented for patrons to sit in cool air conditioning, and a two story water slide courtesy of Vita Coco, Spring Awakening surely helped out the thousands of fans looking to stay cool in the mid 90 degree weather.

Day one, Friday, included two curated stages from the Bass Kitchen and Body Language. Bass Kitchen included major names like Bear Grillz, Alison Wonderland, and a special closing set by Datsik, who would return later to the festival in the form of Ephwurd. The complete opposite spectrum was at the Body Language stage which included the like of Autograf, The Magician, and Klingande ending the night. Along with the two curated stages, I spent a decent amount of time running between the two main stages as well. Troyboi rocked the electronic stage and was easily in my top 5 sets of the weekend. Borgore indeed got ratchet, and the crowd ate all of it up from beginning to end. Flux Pavilion showcased a few collabs including one with the hottest rising name in Chicago right now, Wheathin. As it came down to the end of the night, one thing was on my mind and it was Deadmau5. I don’t think I’ve ever been so in awe and speechless during a set in a long time. Describing his set only takes one word, “Strobe,” followed by a bunch of crying face emojis. It was pure magic.

Day two had people beating the heat before walking in the door. It was almost 100 degrees all day but that didn’t stop Chicago from raging. Chicago has a super strong Trance community so naturally the Trance Arena was packed from beginning to end. The Bird House, dedicated to all the real house heads, concluded with a proper set from the legend and Dirtybird father, Claude Vonstroke. With the DJ stage hosting top names like Kaskade, Carnage, and Showtek it was a day full of tough choices. Trying to beat the heat I found some shade near the Electronic stage where I was able to chill by for most of the day. Closing out the stage in style was Zeds Dead who shook us all. My voice was gone and arms numb from holding my ‘Z’ up the whole time. Opening up for them was an incredible set by Flying Lotus which started very chill and ambient and worked its way up into some great energy. We even got a couple minutes of Captain Murphy which was a major treat. Working backwards here. The king of scary techno music, Gesaffelstein, from beginning to end kept a steady pace again destroying the crowd without a sliver of emotion. Surviving the heat of day two was no easy task, and I have to give credit to Vita Coco on this day for providing the perfect way to beat the heat.

Day three was already off to a fantastic start before the day even started. As the weather was already 20 degrees cooler, I was ready to get in it. Starting off with Wheathin who probably had the best weekend out of everyone making appearances on both of the previous days, it was a precursor for good times ahead. After his set I ran over to catch Rezz and all her glory. She was wearing her goggles which looked super dope on stage as she controlled the crowd in a downtempo frenzy of movement. Following her set I headed over to the DJ Mag stage to catch a little bass action from Ghastly followed by Ephwurd for a good two hours of dirty beats. Afterwards I entered Dada Land for a little bit followed by my first Chainsmokers experience which definitely made me realize what all the hype was about. After that I closed out the weekend in perfect fashion with the king himself, RL Grime. Holy crap let me just say that he is hands down one of the best DJ’s I’ve ever seen perform, EVER. With a catalog like his, it’s no doubt that his set would be on point. I was literally blown away realizing how many great tracks he’s made over the years and how many other artists support his music. This was my first time seeing RL Grime but in no way will it be my last.

I want to give a huge shout out to Spring Awakening and React Presents for killing it once again with another amazing festival. They’ve shown great diversity over the years and really know how to take events to the next level. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year.




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Chicago House Cats Loop Sets

Chicago House Cats Loop Sets

Inspired by legendary Chicago Deep House producers such as Frankie Knuckles, DJ Armando, Terry Hunter, Marshall Jefferson and more, these 5 construction loop sets bring you authentic soulful loops designed by top Chicago are producers. Featuring 58 live and sample instrument loops, each set features all separated parts including multi-track drums, keyboards, bass, synths and more. Let these stunning ideas inspire your next Deep House hit. Download today!

Product features:

5 Chicago Deep house style construction loop sets.

– Instrumentation includes live keyboards, sampled bass, drums, guitar, vinyl fx, synths and more.

58 individual loops total (174 including all formats).

– Inspired by Chicago Deep House producers Frankie Knuckles, DJ Armando, Terry Hunter, Marshall Jefferson, as well as NYC producers Lil Louie Vega, Kenny Dope, Jay Denes and more.

– Recorded live using class A pre-amps and Apogee converts.

– Provided in 24 bit 44.1 kHz ACID WAV, APPLE LOOP and REX2 formats.

– Stereo mix files are included for each loop set for quick audition.

– All tempos and key signatures are provided.

– All loops are royalty free.

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