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SXM Top 5 Must See Artists

SXM Top 5 Must See Artists
Nelie D

Straight from the beaches of St. Martin, SXM Festival 2017 is poised to make another splash in the international festival scene. From March 15 to 19, you can catch this destination festival with a jam-packed lineup of heavy hitters in venues sprinkled all over this Caribbean island.

  1. RPR Soundsystem – Anticipation seems to follow the Romanian trio to every performance, and this party should be no exception. SXM prides itself on catering to a discerning music listener, which makes Rhadoo, Pedro and Raresh’s subtle soundscapes a treat festival attendees. With Shaun Reeves and Maher Daniel also on the bill for The Other Side showcase, this one is sure to please.
  2. Audiofly – Sailing off the recent debut of their Flying Circus Recordings imprint, this duo has a knack for entrancing dance floors. Luca Saporito and Anthony Middleton started off a busy 2017, playing venues all over the world and should be primed for their Do Not Sit By The Ocean party. With Atish, Behrouz, Birds of Mind, Nico Stojan and Yokoo also playing this 12-hour party, the vibes will be off the charts.
  3. Honey Dijon – With temperatures in St. Martin hovering in the 80s year-round, the crowd will come warmed up for what is sure to be a sweaty set. Honey Dijon’s grooving sound will be set to the backdrop of Happy Bay’s Ocean Stage amongst a huge selection of house and techno favorites.
  4. John Acquaviva – Last year’s B2B set with Olivier Giacomotto on Tulum Beach alone is enough to make anyone crave seeing this ubiquitous DJ in a tropical setting. Acquaviva has fine-tuned the art of moving dance floors for more than two decades, and he is sure to bring it Island Style.
  5. Ricardo Villalobos – Need I say more?

For Tickets and More Info on SXM Festival Visit: 




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Q&A With Washington D.C’s Rising Hip Hop Artists Polo 500 & Big Dawg Tayo

Q&A With Washington D.C's Rising Hip Hop Artists Polo 500 & Big Dawg Tayo

What’s up Polo 500 & Big Dawg Tayo!! Much respect on your guys new Mixtape. You both are really bringing something completely different to the Hip Hop game today! Where are you guys from , how long have you been making music together & how did you end up getting your MC names?

Polo500: Preciate the love man Just tryna bring the bars back forreal. Im From Dumfries,Va right outside Woodbridge. I started off with the name Bar None off the cyphers we used to be in when I was locked up. I changed my name when I came home to Polo500.

Big Dawg Tayo:Thanks for showin our record love we put our hear and soul into this shit.  I’m from Southeast DC. My Nickname is Tayo so I ended up changin it to Big Dawg Tayo.

Who are you guys influenced by?

Polo500:I am an old soul but I don’t really see a problem with the transition going on in this rap game cuz we still got artists puttin out dope shit it’s just harder to catch peoples ear.My influences are Outkast,Kanye,Ti,Big Krit,Nas,Ice Cube,Bone-thugs Devin the dude shit I listen to so many people but i believe I learned the most from these artists.

BDT:I’m a lil younger than Polo so I grew up on Wayne,Chief Keef, and Glizzy

Usually Underground Hip Hop is defined as having a certain sound, original backpack or conscious rap! But fans have to understand that certain artists have different influences and have a whole other perspective on it. Your music is more trappy and catchy like the music today which is playing on the radio. Let us know who you guys are still underground!

Polo500: I’m underground in every sense of the word my first projects were backpack to the core and weren’t really successful.I was to worried about the bars and not really having fun I think that’s why they were over looked. “Texaco” was a fun album that came together well because we were talkin real life shit. Not one project I have been involved with sounds the same as the latter. Versatility and stickin to your roots is what makes you underground.

BDT: We still grindin out here in the trenches. Still livin that life so in essence a lot of the shit we talk about is conscious rap because its tellin you wat we endured and wat we still face everyday. The outro is as conscious as it gets if you go in-depth because it’s a message behind it .

A lot of rappers who tend to get big completely disappear from their local communities and never give back! What is your take on that, and lets say you guys hit it major one day, what will you guys do?

Polo500: Alot of people don’t come back to where there from because success made them a target look at all the famous artists before they made it most were beloved when they came up .They come back shinin and somebody snatch they chain or niggaz they once was cool with want there 5 mins of fame and start tryna undo niggaz character.  On the other side of that it aint shit to do food drives and pass out turkeys on thanksgiving. Have fundraisers and shit but some artists aint grow up in the field. If I get on we definitely gon build studios and try to get leagues for the youth and try to bring the best talent out of the dmv.

We really respect new MC’s who decide to actually take their music careers seriously! Please breakdown the creative process of your latest Mixtape “““On My Way 2 Texaco””.

Polo500:We went left with this project instead of writing and coordinating hooks we went str8 to production we wanted the sound to grab your ear. After the sounds were picked we started writing endless hooks and thats how “Texaco” was crafted.

What are you guys looking forward to for 2017? Anything you guys going to be doing differently compared to past years?

Polo500:Im tryna touch all genres with my music because i grew up on more than just hip-hop.I just released a R&b cd wit my homie Kene P called V card and its fire we both did heavy writing on that project. I also got Slab Muzik 1 & 2 finished I fell in love wit slabs during my times in the midwest. I always wanted one and I just love the down south sound so it was inspiration for me to make sumthin as an ode

Any pressuring situations before you decided to push your latest Mixtape? Did everything work out according to plan?

Polo500: To be honest no it didn’t shit kinda stalled out in the beginning of the project. We aint get the results we felt we deserved.So we started workin wit new people. We took a hiatus for like 4 months and when we got the right team We was workin day and night to get this project done.

Rappers nowadays think by throwing up a few videos up on social media and pushing quick projects, they can blow up overnight! Give us your view on how over saturated the market is right now with so many MC’s/Producers but not to many quality music.

Polo500:When i was growing up you had Wayne puttin out mixtapes monthly,Dj clue ,gucci Mane etc the game aint the same nomore you got artists puttin out all these mixtapes and they got like 3 songs that crank off each one instead of sittin back and puttin in the effort when they coulda had a whole tape of heat.

How often do you both perform LIVE. Shows lined up in the near future?

Polo500:I just came off major back surgery so i wasnt doin anything but in the past 3 to 4 months we have performed at 4 places and did one ig live show with my homeboy Paperboy and Parkway Kei. But we got some shows comin up soon and we wont disappoint.

Where do you see yourselves in 5yrs time?

Polo500:I see myself running a label,running a blog and being a liaison for talent that’s not being heard in my region because they djs is money hungry and these radio stations aint for the people nomore.

Here it is! Our most popular question! What is your definition of “underground hip hop”?

Polo500:Underground hip hop you prolly wont hear on the radio. Because its honest raw and unfiltered. Not for the masses but for those who can feel it.

Where can people find you on the web? Drop all the vital links.

IG and twitter: bigdawg_tayoo
Facebook: Polo500

Lastly, and shout out?

Free my lil cuz Big Dawg Tayo…i wanna thank indienation….Virginiagotnow.com….Kene P ….Calvin es aka Craftgonnabang…..parkway Kei….Paperboy…Big G 703….My homie Spike ….THe thriftlordes…rapxrnb….My brother Lo500…Dj Fatboi…Dj Flatline….My homie Bigg…The DMV


Okeechobee Announces Second Wave Of Artists Set To Perform In Sunshine Grove

Okeechobee Announces Second Wave Of Artists Set To Perform In Sunshine Grove
Evan Walters

You know festival season is right around the corner when you start seeing two and three major lineup announcements a day. It can be a little overwhelming at times, I’m over here stressing about something that’s still six months away. Picking and choosing between festys is no doubt one of the hardest decisions of the spring/summer seasons. You want to see what every fest has to offer and you also have those few that feel like home. Even though it is only a second year festy, Okeechobee is a place that I picture myself frequenting.

I was sold when the phase one dropped so quite honestly this is just icing on the cake. When it comes to depth and diversity, Okeechobee is right up there with some OG festivals. The addition of Logic is major, he joins a talented group of rappers to round out what is basically every relevant high hop artist currently. Names like Ganja White Night, Space Jesus and 12th Planet can also be found on this phase two. You’ll see them there and all over your news feed as well because they are killing it right now. Don’t know who Sturgill Simpson is? Do some research, he’s Grammy nominated for album of the year, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Other notable additions include The Floozies, Kasbo, Brasstracks and Vulfpeck.


Head over to their website to check out the full lineup and for all other info. Only five days left for tier one passes and then the price goes up, grab your tickets here!

Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival Facebook/Twitter/Website




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5 Must-See Artists We Can’t Wait to See at BPM Festival 2017

5 Must-See Artists We Can’t Wait to See at BPM Festival 2017
Mark Jaeger

With less than 30 days to go till the 10-day festival hits Mexico’s Playa Del Carmen, we’ve compiled a list of artists we are most excited to see hit the stage. 30 showcases have been announced so far with many more to come so rest assured there will be plenty of acts to see at BPM 2017!

1. Better Lost Than Stupid
The super group made up of Davide Squillace, Martin Buttrich and Matthias Tanzmann heads into BPM with a debut album on the horizon and we’re dying to hear what they’ve been working on. After a high profile run of shows and festivals during 2014 this group of house and techno pioneers has been relatively quiet. That will change when they hit Salon Salsanera on January 7th.

2. Kollektiv Turmstrasse (live)
Truly anyone from the Diynamic in The Jungle showcase could have made it onto our list, but Kollektiv Turmstrasse’s range of styles and ability to keep the party going make them a can’t miss pick. Even among such a strong lineup we expect the live show from Christian Hilscher and Nico Plagemann to set Kollektiv apart.

3. Apollonia
Another strong trio of DJs and producers are the three men that make up Apollonia; Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundorom and Shonky. Known for their All Night Long parties and marathon sets the trio is set to bring the party to Martina Beach for a day party we’ll surely be in attendance for.

4. Dubfire
SCI+TEC is another stacked showcase where really anyone could lay down one of the week’s top sets, but our pick has to label head and techno god Dubfire. Dubfire’s Live Hyrbid show blends together animations, live audio and lighting effects for an immersive experience that’s not to be missed.

5. Dusky
The UK duo will bring their signature Dusky Presents event to the playa for the third straight year and we’ll be front and center when they do. While Dusky strayed a bit from their regular dance floor style in the recently released album Outer, BPM should remind everyone why they’ve been one of the hottest acts out for the past couple years. The full lineup for this one is TBA but with past guests such as Justin Martin and The Black Madonna we’re sure the lineup will be carefully curated.

The BPM Festival passes (3, 7, and 10-day) are on sale now while supplies last via www.thebpmfestival.com/tickets.

Get excited by watching The BPM Festival Official Documentary: Dancing in Paradise below; which commemorates the festival’s decade-long rise to prominence.





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Five Artists You Can’t Miss At North Coast Music Festival

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North Coast is coming up sooner than you might think. As the full schedule has been announced we thought it would be nice to share some artists you won’t want to miss out on at this years fest. There’s still tickets available here and after parties have been announced as well. First on our list […]

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Athletes And Artists Come Together For Air & Style Los Angeles

Athletes And Artists Come Together For Air & Style Los Angeles

The last time I stepped foot on the Coliseum grounds was for Electric Daisy Carnival in 2010. Little did I know I’d find myself 6 years later for yet another unforgettable weekend of musical shenanigans and memories to last a lifetime. The unique thing about Air & Style however was its ability to blend two different worlds together for once bad ass festival. Thanks to Shaun White the Coliseum saw artists and athletes collide and provide entertainment for sports and music lovers alike.


From A$ AP Ferg to HAIM to A-trak to J Cole, Day One had a variety of genres and sounds to choose from. The best part was that the set times were scheduled so that you never had to worry about conflicting times or running from one stage to another(which by the way if you needed to, they were so close it wouldn’t have mattered.) For me this also meant checking out bands I had never seen before and opening my eyes to new songs I never knew I liked. It also allowed me the opportunity to check out the snowboard qualifying rounds and instill a new found respect for these skilled boarders. While I didn’t get to go to the top, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that this drop was massive and the gap a little knee shaking.

J Cole wrapped up the night with an incredible performance performing tracks from all of his albums and of course a favorite from the one and only Notrorious B.I.G.

Day Two also proved to be a beautiful day. Southern California couldn’t have asked for better weather or a better line up. While parking was a little rough to find without posted signs, Big Grams absolutely smashed their set and Rudimental laid down some insane instrumentals and good vibes that had everyone forgetting their troubles. The snowboarders also took the ramp and showed off their best skills proving who is number one. Incubus c1936285_10154036084334124_124587765538106251_nlosed up the night with a set that could be best described as raw and rocking.

Overall I’d say this festival did it’s best to provide a little bit of everything for everyone. This even encompasses their food choices which gave you options from all over the world. They also
included smaller side stages with DJs from local radio stations and booths to rock out to and beer gardens to sip and relax in.12742299_10154037881789124_6110266024747832065_n

For those who are looking to be outside and think outside their typical box, I’d highly recommend Air & Style. It offers a look into not only snowboarding, but to music of all genres for all music lovers. Here’s to keeping our fingers crossed to next year.




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