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Parallel Distortion and Compression in a Submix

Hi everyone!, My name is Sebastian and i have a question.

Let’s say you have a Drum Bus, and you apply parallel distortion and compression to the submix, then your want to apply an effect on the drums, like a filter sweep for example, the problem is that with the parallel processing going on you still hear the processed drums. Ok, so you route the parallel effects and the drums bus to another bus so you can apply the effect to the whole sound. My question is, is this the only way?, because you may have other instruments route to the parallel distortion for example a group of brass, so you create a parallel distortion bus for every group of instruments?. I want to know the most efficient way to do this parallel effects so you save some time and cpu, how do you do it?.


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New to Mixing and Mastering

Hello, I am a rapper who is new to Pro Tools, Ive began to venture into the world of mixing and mastering. I don’t know all that much besides compression and reverb. I’ve watched youtube tutorials but im more of a learned from reading things like this. What are some things I should know and what are some tips, I focus on hip hop but I’m open to all ideas. Your help is much appreciated, thank you!!!

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I need real opinions/feedback!!

I cant really get real feeedback cuz these other soundcloud users just wanna promote themselves.

I rap. I make a lot of beats too. Plz listen to some of my songs/beats and tell me what yall think about it?

go to soundcloud . c o m /yverdon-pierre-boei/tracks

thanks mane

Im not a thug btw

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I need help/advice

I have been working on this song and I am in the process of mixing the vocals and I was trying to see if I could get some advice about what effects I should add to my lead vocals. I would be happy to upload them and tell you what effects I have used so far should someone reply.

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TASCAM FW1082 woes…. HELP

Hey all,

I just bought a Tascam FW1082 to run Reason 5 and Nuendo 3, Texas Instruments PCI card, XP and a P4 3.2ghz, with PLENTY of space and external drives. It worked GREAT for a few weeks, now I have odd problems like fader 1 controlling both faders 1 and 9, fader 2 controlling both 2 and 10 and so on on the screen, and the pan button only pans track 1 regardless to which track is highlighted. Is it the box, the drivers or the OPERATOR?


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Problems w/ recording vocals & clipping (Bluebird, M7 & Mbox 2)

Hello everyone, I have been experiencing issues with distortion and recording vocals recently. I’ve tried every trick up my sleeve and nothing gets rid of the distorted vocals (It only happens when My female vocalist or I sing very emotionally and with a lot of vibrato, etc.) I have tried using my blue bird, and an M7 going through my mbox2 and I experience clipping with both mics. Even when I sing far away from the microphone and with the gain on the mbox2 all the way down it STILL distorts. Do you guys know if this is a problem with my mics or my interface or both? Is there anything I can do to fix it or do I need to buy new equipment?

P.S. I’m recording into Logic 9 with my buffer all the way up in low latency mode and I have a pop filter.

Any input would be greatly appreciated and I will return the favor on your post to the best of my ability.

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Fruity Loops Phase Issue, Randomly playing Kick and Bass at random starting points.

I have been working on getting this kick and bass in FL to thump together nicely for a long time, and after a while I realized it was a phase issue. When I fixed that, I was listening through and found I hated the kick at certain times. I thought it was the off beats, but Then it would suddenly sound bad on the down.

With the bass and the kick soloed and me constantly hitting the space bar, I realized something was taking them out of phase. Like something was being modulated, but i made the bass myself in massive with no modulation, and the kick is just battery samples.

I bounced out a wav of me playing this same downbeat back to back, which means the midi timing is the same for every kick here. I put it in edison and bounced it back onto the track then bounced that out. Bass Kick Phase Problem.mp3

A couple of notes. First of all, I’m using sidechain compression on the bass from the kick, but that should be static settings anyway. Also, I’m using a lot of plugins and vst’s, but this is a fast comp and I have it set to 2048 for a buffer size. It shouldn’t be an issue should it?

EDit: After edison recording just the bass, i can see the waveform is not consistent when the midi phrase is repeated. Anyone know why? I again have no modulation.

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Mixing and Mastering a Blues Song Recorded Using Faulty Equipment. Help!

Hello! My name is MonsterKID and I’ve been stalking these forums for years! So thanks to all the tutorials I read and good advice. Anyways I’ve beend called to produce a Blues-rock album and I have 20 days to produce, mix and master and I’ve already encountered my first problem…

I spoke with the band and told them about a few good studios that we could record their songs in buuuut they didn’t want to pay so they spoke with a friend who has a studio. And this studio didn’t have amps and had faulty guitar cables, which created a distortion in the instruments that I was able to lessen by making a drop in the highs, starting at the 6kHz. It helped but everything sounds muddy. I just want to slam my head against the wall. Now there is also the issue of that microphone, I bet all my money it’s a Dynamic. Also the room was badly sound proofed. They said it wasn’t but it is. So much high end and no bass and we got a lot of clipping which is awkward since Izotope Rx3 and Audacity don’t recognize any clipping.

Another problem is the drummer didn’t come and even if he came there would be no way he could keep a beat. It’s like there’s no time signature. It will be 3×4 for 2 steps then change to 4×4 for a few steps then go back. I tried creating a beat in my DAW but I can’t keep the beat. I tried changing the time signature for my project but nothing at all seems to fit. And the tempo is correct.

What should I do? My producer friends told me to go back into a serious studio and record everything again.

Here are some files. One with the song mixed, vocals and instruments. One file is the acoustic guitar as originally recorded.

Misteriosa Mulher Acoustic Guitar.mp3Misteriosa Mulher Demo.mp3

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