Wifi -“Legend Of The Soul Gems” (Album Review)

Rising New York Hip-Hop Lyricist Wifi releases his new album “Legend Of The Soul Gems”. Wifi paints a metaphysical world for his listeners to dive into using wordplay and lyricism. Real HIP-HOP music can convey any picture and this project excelled in creativity. Throughout the album you will find wisdom and food for thought, a smooth musical approach with insightful stories, this is the root of where HIP-HOP began.

The tape is introduced by “Willful Ignorance” where Wifi explains the difference between a real Emcee & how music has changed. This project has a high energy intro with a magical transition to “Erace War” a powerfully insightful song that shows Wifi’s visionary mind and prophetic concepts, it’s personally my favorite track . “I rap
to bring HIPHOP back the element of knowledge’”says Wifi in his song “Ontology” (5th Element) as he proves that right in the lining of this entire composition.

New York native still brings that grit to every track, along with Golden era flows and mystic stories. You know “The Get Down” revolutionary lyrics highlighting the destruction of the soul and remedy for the pain. Wifi’s lucid raps run around in your mind like a calm tornado spiraling around your psyche. “Rumination” is a real raw  high energy banger speaking in universal codes. “Boss Media” aims at people who don’t want to learn what it takes to progress their craft to the next level, the teacher knows he is always a student.

“Legend of the Soul Gems” is the perfect album for HIPHOP heads full of action & mystery. Wifi captured his mind and transcended musically, HIPHOP salute from the Underground! Smooth tracks geared towards love include “The One That Got Away” where he mentions a spark with a twin flame soul but the world was the destructive influence. Another highlight track was “Divine Intervention” where Wifi created a story of an AA meeting with not only him but others dealing with inner demons that leave them to the comfort of a woman with wrong intentions, to end up back in the same spot…insanity

Ezekiel 3:18 hits your soul instantly, will power and confidence is expressed in his rhymes, Wifi is able to uplift his audience in the process of teaching as shown in the song “Black Dot”. Jazzy energy as Black dot creates a visual of the chakra system, Wifi is a advocate of spirituality  this song  spills wisdom . “Soul Gems” is themed for the tape as it shows why ,in its melodic translucent sound, “Soul Gems” captures the omni presence melody and sums up the mixtape in a whole. Follow Wifi on FaceBook


Rating: 8.0