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Ultimate New Year’s Day Party In New York City At Nublu

Ultimate New Year’s Day Party In New York City At Nublu
Jeaux Bay

When all the parties die down, you are going to need to renew yourself. Why not head over to Nublu for a remarkable experience on New Year’s Day (Sunday Jan. 1st). This is going to be the place to be (you might catch some special people in attendance). The DJ lineup is intense. Scope that below. The event is brought to you by Impromptu, Medium Rare, and Supply. This is going to be one for the books. See you there! Oh! Don’t forget to RSVP here.

Address: 151 Ave C, New York, NY 10009
Date: Sunday, Jan. 1st, 2017
Time: 9PM – 4AM
Tickets: Purchase

DJ Lineup:
Brenn & César (Lastlight)
Jordan James (Supply NY)
Nico Kass (Playdate)
Salinger (Medium Rare / The Deep)
Terron Darby (Playdate)
Wilki (Taste / Impromptu)




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Snowglobe Packing List

Snowglobe Packing List
Blog Game Bill Clinton

Snowglobe is right around the corner, so as you start packing your bags for an epic New Years celebration in South Lake Tahoe, don’t forget to pack these 10 essential items!

  1. Waterproof boots
  2. Wool socks
  3. Long sleeve shirts for layering
  4. Warm pants / leggings / long johns
  5. Snow Gloves
  6. A Warm Jacket
  7. Scarf
  8. Chapstick & sunscreen
  9. Ear muffs or warm hat
  10. Phone charger



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Q&A With Detroit’s mariimomma

Much respect to you being from Detroit mariimomma, we really enjoyed your new album. Just goes to show there are real underground Hip Hop MC’s out there in your city! How long have you been making music? How did you come up with your MC name? Also, where were you when you wrote your first BAR!?

I’ve been making music about 4 years. Only a couple of years ago did I start to take it seriously & invest more time & money into myself. As independent artists, I think sometimes we get so caught up into putting out song after song & project after project, that we forget how important a plan is. What’s old to us is still new to the world.

My MC name actually started out as a Twitter handle when I 1st made a Twitter account. I’m a mom so it’s derived from my daughter’s name. When I started doing beats I made a Soundcloud & just kept the Twitter handle as my name for everything. Little did I know that my future MC name would be that very Twitter handle.

As far as my 1st bar, I was at home when I wrote it. 8th grade. I was on the phone with my good friend Charlitta one night & I was writing it to the Clipse “Grinding” beat in my head lol. But I started writing poetry before that. I always had a love for English & writing period. Whatever sub category it was.

Detroit is a real important city for Hip Hop.  Some of the greats like J Dilla and Eminem come from out there!  I’m sure that market is pretty critical when it comes to Hip Hop.  How has your city influence your Hip Hop career?

Detroit has so much history & potential & I love my city, there no place like it. But to be honest Detroit is a very hard market to break through for an artist like me. Not because of high standards, but because if you don’t have a certain sound or know someone who will pull you in, you pretty much have to work your way in from the outside. So this has influenced me to reach out to artists & music fans outside the city to network & build.

Can you please break down the creative process on your latest album “Lyric Album”.  How long did it take for you to finish front to back?  Is that a picture of you in the cover?  

Lyric Album was in the works 2 to 3 years ago. My recording equipment went down & I hadn’t recorded for a long while. Almost every song I planned to use for the original project was not on this project. It’s like you continue to grow as an artist whether you’re recording or not. You experience things, you learn things & you want to talk about them. That’s all this EP was. Sort of like an introduction. & even now I feel as if my next EP will be leaps & bounds better as I have grown since I’ve released Lyric Album in August. Also that is me on the cover at my dads house. I think I was like 6 lol.

What are you PROS and CONS on being a female MC.  I hate to ask, but we want your clear answer on this..

Being a female MC is easier than being a male MC in some people’s perspectives. But let me break this down for y’all.

Hip hop is already a male dominated field. So of course there is difficulty establishing who is sincere & who isn’t. A lot of times I’ve found that men may use their position in a way to talk to you on a level other than musically, which is irritating. I’m focused on music & they may have intentions outside of music. Not saying that happens all the time, but it does happen.

Then say as a female rapper you do get some sort of “buzz” or attention, it seems as if people want you to have this sexy image. Over sexualized music, practically naked & showing your body, which a lot of female rappers do for attention. I’m not knocking that, but all I’m saying is everyone isn’t like that. & because hip hop is male dominated, of course those images will get more attention. Nothing wrong with expressing your sexuality in music because music is self-expression, but your only expression shouldn’t be sex or to sale sex. We are women, mothers, sisters & daughters. These girls desperately need a positive example in the limelight showing them something different from how to please a man.

I bet if I showed my ass every 2 seconds I’d be so hot right now lol. But my point is men don’t have to face these sort of challenges. They are seen based on skill alone. Although I see the wave is changing for them a lil bit as well. There are so many terrible male rappers that are hot right now. But that’s another story for another day lol.

The pros to being a female rapper is people are more intrigued to listen to us period. Female rap ain’t really poppin like it was back in the 90’s. So it’s easier for us to promo & approach people. A talented female rapper will get more attention than a male rapper I feel because the game is so diluted these days. We may get a response from someone quicker than a male rapper would. & that does work in our advantage. But overall it doesn’t makes things easier for us or else there would be more of us in the mainstream.

How often do you record?  Also, how often do you perform live?

I don’t record as often as I would like honestly. I work so much I usually can take only one morning out of the week to do music. Music is very expensive & time-consuming so it’s really like a catch 22. I need money to build my brand & invest but also time to create the music. But I manage lol I do it all.

I actually have never performed live. I’m so shy, laid back & awkward. I have never liked to be the center of attention. I don’t know how the heck I ended up here lmao. But I’ve been practicing being in front of cameras & being more comfortable with myself. I’ve shot a couple of videos. I know this is something that will take time for me, but I’m gonna keep building myself up to do it. I know I eventually will have to.

Plenty of rappers out there in the online world demand the fame overnight without paying dues!  We believe its more like a marathon than a sprint!  Give us your perspective on how you feel your name can get out there nationwide.  What are you doing currently to keep the demand there and continue to grow your fan base.

Yea a lot of rappers do this solely for the fame. I keep my love of music as my motivation. I am very realistic & I know that I may not be that next big name. I may never be known worldwide. But as long as I’m inspiring the people who do know me, I’m winning. I’m not bouta create a dance song & hope it goes viral tomorrow. That ain’t my lane. All that I can do is make music. Reach out to people. A lot of people gonna ignore you. But all you need is the right person to believe in you. I just keep pushing & looking for genuine people to build with. I invest in myself & try to stay positive. But believe me, it gets hard at times. But that love for music & the little fan base I do have always encourage me to keep going. & I don’t want to disappoint them : )

How has social media helped you so far in your music career?  Whats your favorite outlet? (IG, Twitter, FB, Vine, Snapchat)

Awww man social media has helped tremendously! Soundcloud really is how I met a lot of the artists I’ve collaborated with. Before I knew this is what I wanted to do I had a Twitter & SoundCloud & honestly that is where my biggest supporters came from. Since I wasn’t out there doing shows & hitting up events yet, it was my only way of networking. Now that I do go to events, I find that it is very important to get out there & let people see you too. Social media are amazing for all artists but don’t underestimate the importance of a street team. Which I’m still tryna build myself. I definitely like Twitter the most. It has its bad days but there is a lot of freedom there. I like that.

Where do you see yourself in 5yrs time?

Music wise in 5 years I see myself with my own home studio built from scratch so I can create great sounding music anytime. I see my fan base larger. I think I will have achieved a lot but I can’t reveal all my plans : )

Here it is! Our most popular question! What is your definition of “underground hip hop”?

The big one! Well to me, underground hip hop is hip hop is exactly what it says. Underground. Hip hop that is not mainstream. Mainstream music is the music we hear everyday on the radio. The music shoved in our face everyday, all day. Underground to me are the artists who are known to people who look elsewhere for new talent. The blogs are important in the underground scene because underground artists like myself reach out to them for exposure. Underground music has a different sound. To me, a more real sound with better content.

Some people stay underground because of what being mainstream sometimes require. There is nothing wrong wit being underground & in some cases you can make more money being underground or unsigned if you do it the right way. Now I’m not saying underground artists don’t get on the radio but artists like Chance The Rapper, Big Krit, Tink & etc to me are underground. That’s just my opinion though.

Where can people find you on the web? Drop all the vital links.

Everyone can follow me on:
Twitter: @mariimomma
Instagram: @mariimomma_

Hit me up!

Lastly, and shout out?

I’d like to thank y’all for the awesome review of my EP & the interview. I wanna shout out my sister & sometimes manager Keta lol, my whole family, my boo Soda & everyone that supports me thank you! This is only the beginning. Stick with me & #gethip

Dillon Francis Remixes “Hava Nagila” To Celebrate Hanukkah

Dillon Francis Remixes “Hava Nagila” To Celebrate Hanukkah
Nelie D

While everyone got busy churning out remix after remix about Christmas, Dillon Francis decided to go against the grain and give us a fun reminder that it is not the only festivity celebrated this holiday season. As the first night of Hanukkah coincided with Christmas eve this year, he opted to shine the light on the Jewish holiday instead by pumping out a free download of an amped up heavy trap version of a century old Israeli folk song, “Hava Nagila”, that’s a known staple for any Jewish celebrations. So, as Dillon put it,

“The menorah is about to be fucking lit. Can’t wait to see everyone dancing the hora! Happy Hanukkah!”

Dillon Francis – “Hava Nagila” (Remix) | Download |

“Follow” Dillon Francis: | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud |




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