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Adobe Audition Mixing and Mastering Vocals

I’ve recently moved over to adobe audition for recording my tracks. Does anyone have any presets for mastering vocals that they find useful? I currently have a setup that works pretty well but there’s definitely room for improvement in my opinion. Here is the latest vocal recording I made. Thanks for the help!

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Can't figure out what vocal effects these dudes use!

I’ve been rapping for a long time and enjoy trying out new things when it comes to vocal mixing and effects and have recently really gotten into these three rappers and can’t quite figure out how they get this strange ambient reverb they use. If anyone can help me out that would be super dope!

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Is there a way to do bass slides in maschine?

Hey guys, as the title says I’m curious about doing bass with Maschine. By bass slides I mean like the 808 bass slides that have become popular lately in a lot of trap beats especially a part of Drake’s new mixtape. A good example is Energy by Drake, if you notice Boi-1da has a lot of bass slides in there and I am familiar with doing them in FL Studio just not Maschine. Feedback always appreciated!

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BIG ISSUE with sound skips.

Hey everyone. I am having a really annoying issue with fl studio. Whenever I record or playback, i get hiccups in the sound. After going to visit many forums I still can’t find the solution. I know its not a underrun issue because my CPU can handle it, I have 10 g of RAM as well. I am pulling my hair out here. Can anyone please help?? Also the sound skips intermittently, there is no specific time between skips.
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ID:	44082

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Frequency dependant side chain in reason

im trying to figure out how to duck a certain frequency in reason. like how to side chain the low mids in a sound instead of the whole sound

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help me with this:(

hey guys. fl studio user here. i am currently remixing a track. i imported the original tracks audio file to slice samples. then i accidently moved the audio file to another location in my hard drive.and now all samples are gone from the project file. please help me,how to regain those samples back.

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Calling All Producers and Engineers

For the Producers i know it takes time making beats and a lot of dedicated I’m a rap artist trying to learn how to make beats to be more versatile the software i’m going to use is garageband i would like to know what’s the basic of making beats thanks in advance

For my audio engineers i would like to know how do i mix and master my songs i make i use garageband to make my music with blue snowball usb mic i would like to know how and where to start to mix and master.

IM asking for tips and advice from all experienced producers and engineers so i can become better and more versatile thank you.

i would appreciate if you could share your knowledge with me as an rap artist on the come up

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FX Effects and Mixing

I know for a fact that when sending split mixer tracks to a outsourced engineer to mix the song, you need to unselect all the FX effects that each split mixer track has. My question is what will happen to those fx effects after the song is mixed? Do I have to manually reapply them or does the engineer apply his own effects based off of the sound&mix that I want from the song?

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